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Since our start in 1993, we - pt Sugitama Intiarto - focus our activity on manufacture a complete line of Wafer Stick and Flat Wafer machines for Food Industry. Our experience in innovation based on customer requirement of a good quality, safe, easy maintenance and cleaning, high yield and affordable price bring us to our current worldwide customer standard acceptance.

Our engineering team has developed the Wafer Stick Oven from the low capacity 2 rows Oven to higher capacity 3 rows Oven (type SWS-3L) and 4 rows Oven (type SWS-4L) to achieve a high productivity level with efficient space, operator and energy consume.

We also produce the Flat Wafer Line - 41 and 65 pieces of Baking Plate Oven - complete from Batter Mixer, Oven, Sheet Cooler, Cream Spreader, Book Cooler to Cutting Machine.

To support these two Lines, we also produce:

  1. Turbo Mixer: to prepare batter / dough for wafer stick and flat wafer
  2. Ball Mill: to prepare chocolate paste or other flavoring paste to use as flat wafer cream or wafer stick center filling, chocolate coating, chocolate spread, etc.
  3. Chocolate Enrober Machine and Cooling Tunnel: with various type, can be customized to customer's product specification. We have manufactured Cooling Tunnel from 25 to 46 meter length for various product applications.
  4. Caramel Enrober and Cooling Bed: for product with rice crispy (or similar) attached on flat wafer, wafer stick or other bar shape products.
  5. Press Conveyor: to make a pressed type wafer stick
  6. Pillow Cutter Machine: to produce small pillow shape wafer stick

Realizing that our customers need a prove of our machine's quality, we always develop our machine to achieve a satisfactional acceptance from several international reputation companies from Indonesia and abroad. As results, since 1996 our machines has been installed in many countries, such as : Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Taiwan, China, and East Europe.

Finally, we would like to appreciate our valuable and loyal customers, who have been giving us a chance to support their rapid development since many years ago. Thank you.

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